RC Car BMT 801GT PRO 1/8 On/Road
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RC Car BMT 801GT PRO 1/8 On/Road

RC Car BMT 801GT PRO 1/8 On/Road

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RC Car BMT 801GT PRO 1/8 On/Road

BMT 801GT PRO, is a competition car for the shaft-driven GT category.

The 801GT PRO is a completely new car compared to the 801 model, of which it takes only gear box differential, and fuel tank.

Everything has been redesigned for the competition. All the suspensions have been redesigned with geometries suitable for On/Road competition,
this involved the construction of a new chassis, and all the suspension plates.


The chassis is in aluminum 7075 T6, with Hard anodization.

It’s has already the front and rear reinforcements.

All the transmission of the model are light, with alu axle shafts, at the front CVA , the crowns and pinions of the differentials are made by steel, and the whole turns on ball bearings.

The shock absorbers are hydraulic (with oil), they are of the Big Bore type and are completely in aluminum and adjustable by means of a ring nut to vary the spring hardness.

The shock absorber supports are in ergal 7075 from 4mm thick and have various holes for fixing the shock absorbers in order to change the setup.

The brakes Pads are in Real Ferodo, with the same process of realization of the true cars 1/1.

The suspensions are fully adjustable, with upper triangle, at the front, with adjustable position, and rear tie rod. All angles like camber, convergence, height etc. they are adjustable with pivot ball.

In addition, the front and rear suspensions are equipped with adjustable anti-roll bars.

The whole electronic part is protected by an airtight dustproof box with extra battery box to balance the weight of the model.

2-speed gearbox:

The BMT801GT PRO is equipped with a Light 2-speed automatic transmission, a centrifugal clutch type, same type mounted on BMT984 On/Road.
Various sizes of gear and pinions are available as an option to vary the final ratio.


The clutch included, is the adjustable 4-shoe, with super light nickel-plated ergal bell.

Here are some features of this model:

Light 2-speed gearbox

Chassis 3mm ergal

Suspension pins in steel

Electronics in an airtight box

150cc Fuel tank with filter

Disc brakes with racing pads

Gear differentials

Double-stage air filter

Big Bore shock absorbers

Front shock absorber support in 4mm ergal

Rear shock absorber support in 3mm ergal

Chassis reinforcements

Rear and front stabilizer bars

Adjustable steel tie rods

Adjustable metal shock absorbers

Adjustable Racing clutch

Technical data:

Scale: 1/8

Length: 460mm

Width: 292/300mm

Height: 120mm

Wheelbase: 320mm

Weight: 3400g

To complete the model car:

Engine and pipe
Radio and servo’s
Tx & Rx batteries
Body and tyres
Fuel and glow igniter

Data sheet

3 kg