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RC MODEL STORE is a company born in 2004 which deals with the wholesale sale and distribution of the best modeling brands.

It was born from the passion of Pasquale Iuliucci who makes use of a ten-years experience in the field, as a "modeling", therefore always attentive to the needs and problems of customers.

The BMT brand

BMT is a historic model-making brand.

It won 3 On/Road world championships in 1989, 1991, 1993 with Lamberto Collari, and a team world championship in 1990 with Michele Baruzzi, Lamberto Collari and Massimo Fantini. Obviously in addition to numerous national category titles, and national GT category titles.

Since 2010 it has passed into the hands of the new owner Pasquale Iuliucci who, in 2011, released the new GT model car which, in 2013, won the title of Italian GT AMS champion in the Expert category, with Roberto Catanzani and Federico Lazzerini in the F1 category.

In 2014 the new 1/8 On BMT 984 model was released which will hopefully have the success of the old BMT 891…

Where to find us

Vico Lungo Teatro Nuovo 116 - 80134 Napoli

Telefono: 0039 081 3443744

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Email: info@bmt-team.com

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