Rc Electric Car BMT 601 EP 1/10 Touring Kit
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Rc Electric Car BMT 601 EP 1/10 Touring Kit

Rc Electric Car BMT 601 EP 1/10 Touring Kit

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Rc Electric Car BMT 601 EP 1/10 Touring Kit

Finally the first EP car from BMT for 1/10 Touring category electric!

The car is based on a carbon chassis by 2.3mm, has been realized so as to be as narrow as possible, and to always improve flexing, has been made symmetrical so as to have a flexibility equal both on the left side, on which right side.

The upper deck was also made of carbon 2mm, and was studying to improve flexibility and offers various options "setting flex".

The motor mount provides various settings setting, so you can adapt all reports pinion / gear without any kind of problem.

The axle sprocket is anodized in 7075 "hard" to improve the weight and reliability. The central gear is provided CNC machined Derlin.

The Bulkhead are of course made of 7075 are equal, both front and rear to save on spare parts to buy. Come then, media bar on bearings, in order to have a more precise work of anti-roll bars.

The Bulkhead caps of the shoulder pads are in a single piece, to improve the rigidity, and have several holes to adjust the roll centerl.

The lower suspension arm supports, provide all adjustments with to the eccentric provided in the kit, the inside is a small ball pivot Derlin so you do not have "play" within the suspension.

The suspension arms and hub are a Extra Hard plastic with graphite in order to have the maximum performances and reliability.

Axle suspensions are made of hardened steel polished, to ensure perfect alignment and movement without hard points.

The belt of the model are the excellent Bando Low Friction, which combined with oil-lubricated bearings, guarantee excellent smoothness.

The solid front axle is made of Ergal with anti-wear treatment, while the outdrives in steel, so as to have zero wear and maximum reliability.

The rear differential is made of hard plastic of course, and has gears in composite, with double seal. The differential thus composed is very compact and lightweight.

The front driveshaft are already equipped with double joint (ECS) treated steel for maximum smoothness of cornering. At the rear instead are always driveshaft joints treated steel.

The steering system is "floating" to improve the bending in this critical part of the chassis, the steering plate has been optimized to reduce bumpsteer.

The shock towers are made of carbon as well 4mm and have several holes to improve the angle of the shock absorbers.

The shock absorber have a center body treated with Teflon to improve the smoothness of the Derlin piston, and all the axles are coated with titanium treatment (TIN), and have a teflon guide rod so you have the best possible smoothness with shock absorbers very inclined.

The battery supports are adjustable in three positions and have a strap with velcro, so you always have a fitting / removing the batteries easily.

Main features:

Aluminium 7075 suspension arm mounts
Arm mount system with inserts and POM pivot balls
Lightened and compact lower bulkheads
Anti-roll bar integrated mount system
Upper bulkheads with optimized roll center
Graphite chassis, upper deck and shock towers
Mirror polished Teflon coated dampers
Aluminium 7075 optimized center layshaft mounts
Rear ultra-free articulation driveshafts
Perfectly symmetric Flex
Exclusive Zero flex interference concept
Aluminium 7075 laterally adjustable motor mount
Aluminium 7075 ball raced steering bellcrank
Aluminium 7075 one-piece floating servo mount
Hard plastic caster blocks, arms and uprights
Front spool axle with hard treated steel outdrives
Gear differential with 4 composite gears
Front double-jointed driveshafts
Low Friction ball bearings
Low Friction Bando Belts

Need To Complete:

?2-Channel Radio System
?Steering Servo
?Electric Speed Control
?Lipo Battery & Compatible Charger
?190mm TC Body & Polycarbonate paint

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